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90 Day Online Coaching Bootcamp

Are you emotionally exhausted from dating the wrong people and being rejected?

It's almost like no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you keep dating the same person just in a different disguise! Just when you think you have finally met your Knight in Shining Armour, they do something that reveals they are in fact, nothing more than another idiot wrapped in silver foil.


The worst thing is, you have even started to doubt yourself... even though friends and family reassure you that you are amazing, you can't help but wonder, if I'm so amazing, why am I still single?

Most people resort to settling for less than they deserve (because they convince themselves that being with someone they are fundamentally incompatible with is better than being with no-one at all!) Other people end up so jaded from all the heartache that they resort to giving up on dating altogether.

But... neither of these approaches lead to long-term happiness and fulfilment because you can never escape your own inner truth. 

"You will never be able to escape from your heart so it is better to listen to what it has to say." ~ Paulo Coelho

If you answered 'yes!' to any of the above, then the Quit Dating Idiots 9 Week Online Coaching Bootcamp could be the answer you've been searching for!


If you're ready to 'unfuck' yourself and be who you were before all that bullshit happened that dimmed your shine, read on...

“The coaching and techniques I went through with Laura have hands down been responsible for the biggest shifts I’ve made in the 18 years I’ve been doing self-work." Andrea, Melbourne

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Imagine if you could... 

... Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on all those past hurts and events that dimmed your shine

... Overcome that jaded 'flat-lining' feeling and reclaim your power and radiance


... Get clear on how you want to show up in life and cultivate the qualities that will take you from where you are to where you want to be in your life and relationships

... Define what is non-negotiable to you when it comes to dating and the kind of partner you want to be with

... Confidently spot and deal with idiots and red flags easily and effortlessly

... Have an easy to follow strategy for attracting the right men and navigating the early stages of dating 

... Clearly and confidently communicate your boundaries and position yourself as a high-value woman

... Create a loving and mutually fulfilling relationship with a highly compatible partner...

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Want to make this your reality? The Quit Dating Idiots 9 Week Online Coaching Program will walk you through all of this and more. 

Enrollment for Bootcamp will open in the next few days and Bootcamp commences Thursday 15 August. Be the first to know when enrollment opens and take advantage of a special opening offer by signing up to the waitlist today.

What others are saying...

“The coaching and techniques I went through with Laura have hands down been responsible for the biggest shifts I’ve made in the 18 years I’ve been doing self-work. We had many conversations, mainly around how I saw myself as a woman – I’d held this belief that I was very masculine, even down to my short hair, and had largely held the masculine role in

relationships which eventually led to their demise.


I thought I had to be strong, both physically and emotionally, so that I couldn't be taken advantage of, disappointed or left- so I took control, called the shots and did my best to rule the roost. Of course, that never worked out for me, hence my

desire to find out why and do something about it. I now have a magnificent relationship with my dream man and feel safe expressing my femininity.” ~ Andrea, Melbourne

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What is Quit Dating Idiots Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a 9-week online group coaching program that has been specifically designed to help frustrated women quit selling themselves short and wasting time dating the wrong people.

The program uses a special blend of coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools, humour and insights to take women on a journey of transformation.

By the end of the 9 weeks you will have...:

... Discovered insights about yourself that you were previously unaware of

... Let go of emotional baggage from the past

... Taken stock of your life and created a juicy vision of how you want your future to look with or without a partner 

... Identified your non-negotiables and cultivated a desire map to find your ideal partner

... Learned strategies on how to navigate the early stages of dating

... Found a sisterhood of like-minded women to share the journey with

... Learned how to spot an idiot from a mile away and how to handle red flags

... Plus lots more!

Each week you'll be coached on a topic and given specifically designed challenges to help maximise your resluts. This will be done via a weekly webinar and will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live.

If at any time throughout the program you feel like you need help or want to share what you are experiencing, you can simply post in the Bootcamp's private facebook group or drop your Coach, Laura Forbes, an email. There will be a weekly live Q&A where Laura will answer any questions you may have and delve deeper into each week's topic.

The Quit Dating Idiots Bootcamp is the perfect blend of coaching, education, support and fun!

Meet Your Coach...

Hi! I'm Laura Forbes and I founded Quit Dating Idiots for one simple reason: I know how it feels to be you...

I know the heartbreaking disappointment that comes when the guy you thought was your knight in shining armour turns out to be just another idiot wrapped in tin foil.

I've dated more than my fair share of idiots over the years but it stopped when I finally learned how to upgrade my self-worth and implement strategies that prevented the same old patterns playing out over and over. This took me years of work and trial and error. But it doesn't have to take you that long! 


In 2010 I completed my NLP Master Practitioner Training to become a Life Coach and it changed my life beyond recognition. I learned tools that enabled me to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in life. 

Over the last decade, I have been on a journey of self-discovery, implementing the tools and knowledge I learned along the way to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I've done things I previously never dreamed I'd do in a million years, including moving to the other side of the world by myself, skydiving and taking part in an open mic stand-up comedy competition in Bondi! 


I love coaching because I want to pass this information on to everybody who will listen as I believed it is incredibly valuable and transformative. To me, the information I learned was the difference between living a mediocre life trapped by my own imaginary limitations and living a big, juicy life filled with new friends, experiences and adventure.


Even before I completed my training to become a Life Coach I was coaching friends and family with whatever issues they were experiencing in life and was nicknamed "the relationship guru" by friends. In 2013 I started to concentrate on helping women (and men!) with the one particular area of life that has always fascinated me the most. Relationships and dating!

After years of coaching clients one on one, I noticed that more and more women were becoming disheartened and frustrated with dating. An alarming number of women feel flat and jaded after all the failed dates and relationships have taken their toll on their self-worth. Far too many women for me to coach one on one! That's why I created the Quit Dating Idiots Bootcamp Coaching Program.

When you're the only single one left out of all your friends, it can feel really lonely and at times depressing. So what better way to upgrade your self-worth and have fun in the process than taking the journey with a ready-made sisterhood of like-minded women who are going through the exact same thing as you!?

If you're ready to quit dating idiots and upgrade your self-esteem over the next 9 weeks, join the waitlist below to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

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