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Laura and I arranged a Discovery Call and I decided to go on a transformational journey with her guidance. It’s the best, most life changing thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel like I’ve shifted so much heavy and low vibrational energy – stuff that’s been stagnant and holding me back for a long time.

I’m so incredibly grateful for Laura and her incredible wisdom, encouragement and support. I resonate so much with what Laura has to say and her gentle and loving, yet strong and warrior-like energy.

I feel more in alignment now than I can remember feeling, ever!! This is all because of Laura’s coaching and guidance. Thank you so much, Laura!”

Fast forward several months:


"Just the other day I thought it was time to sit down and send you an update. So, here is a picture of my boyfriend and I. He is completely different to the people I’ve been in relationships or briefly dated before - and it’s the relationship I visualized and manifested through all the work we did.

He is so loving and affectionate, holds space for me, is reliable, emotionally available, kind, nurturing, intelligent, loves and values his family and things are just easy and fun but deep between us. He’s been so supportive and encouraging of my studies and the dreams and goals I have.

When I was putting out the rubbish the other night, I was walking back inside to keep cooking dinner and just smiled to myself because I was living and experiencing the visualizations that I would do last year with you."

Kate, Tasmania

“Oh my god Laura! My lifeeeeeeee right now! I’m like an annoying Cheshire Cat!

I’ve been acting up unofficially in my manager's role and they’ve recognized my work and paid me the extra $$$ for the work I’ve been doing. So, I’ve gone from Social Worker to a Co-Ordinator to Acting Team Leader in like less than 3 months!

I’ve also seen this guy again and I’m seeing him again on the weekend.*

SEND HELP because the alignment feels are real and I can’t handle how incredible my own life is right now!!”

(* still together several months later)

Helen, Brisbane

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