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3 Things to Remember When You’ve Been Ghosted

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Ghosting: The act of ending a relationship suddenly – and without explanation – withdrawing from all communication.

Nobody enjoys rejection and most of us have trouble processing unsolved mysteries. (Like seriously, where the hell is Madeleine McCann?!)

Being ghosted is such a ghastly experience because it’s a double whammy. Rejection + unsolved mystery. Unfortunately, some mysteries won’t be solved in this lifetime and there’s no point losing sleep over someone who didn’t have the decency to let you know they no longer want to speak to you anymore.

Three things to remember when you’ve been ghosted:

1. They did you a favour. Someone capable of such disregard for your feelings is not a person you want to invest any more of your valuable time in to. Be thankful you found out about their flakiness now and not another 3 months down the line.

2. You dodged a bullet. Their communication skills leave a lot to be desired. Good communication skills is a the non-negotiable when it comes to creating successful relationships. The Ghoster just automatically disqualified themselves from further contention as Mr (or Miss) Right.

3. Their actions are not a reflection of your worth. All too often beautiful, kind, funny, smart women are left questioning their worth for weeks on end as they try to figure out what on earth happened after someone ghosted them/cheated on them/left them. Use this ghosting experience as a gift to yourself and your own evolution. Examine if you were happy with how you showed up in this relationship and if the answer is ‘yes’, swiftly move on with your head held high. If not, then take action to work through the things you want to do differently next time…. and then swiftly move on with your head held high.

The not so friendly ghost

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