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2020 Vision ~ 4 Week Online Coaching Program

Step into 2020 with clear vision, motivation and focus. This 4 week online coaching program covers a life stock take, basic psychology of how the mind works and how to get the most out of yourself, desire mapping and action planning to bring your dreams and ideas to life. In addition, you will receive weekly live Q&A sessions, accountability and email support. 

Program at a glance:

Week One: Year in Rear View
Take stock of where you have been and set your intentions for where you want to go next. In week one you will learn the Kindsight Process for releasing anything from your past that you feel is holding you back or getting in the way of living your best life.

Week Two: Mindset Makeover
Learn the psychology behind why you get the results you get in life and how to harness the power of your own mind to fast-track your journey from where you are to where you want to be. Learn how to re-program your mind for success using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

Week Three: Desire & Future Planning
Learn how to harness the magic power of desire to bring your dreams to life. In week three you will learn how to identify your core desires and map out how you want your future to look and feel.

Week Four: Reverse Engineer Your Future
Become the architecht of your own future with this step by step process that will give you a roadmap to creating and living the life of your dreams.