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“Oh my god Laura! My lifeeeeeeee right now! I’m like an annoying Cheshire Cat!

I’ve been acting up unofficially in my manager's role and they’ve recognized my work and paid me the extra $$$ for the work I’ve been doing. So, I’ve gone from Social Worker to a Co-Ordinator to Acting Team Leader in like less than 3 months!

My dating life is also unrecognisable! 

SEND HELP because the alignment feels are real and I can’t handle how incredible my own life is right now!!”

Helen, Brisbane

Petra, Ireland

“Since finishing the program, I've met the partner of my dreams. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to anyone. Invest in yourself. You won't regret it."

Kat, Scotland

"I healed one of my oldest, deepest traumas and manifested a pay rise, bonus and improved relationship with money. I was suprised how easy it was to work with Laura as English is not my first language."

Christie, USA

“This program and Laura are absolutely phenomenal! It's worth the investment in yourself and your mental health! I've healed traumas and reconnected to myself.”
“Laura and I arranged a Discovery Call and I decided to go on a transformational journey with her guidance. It’s the best, most life changing thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel like I’ve shifted so much heavy and low vibrational energy – stuff that’s been stagnant and holding me back for a long time.

Just the other day I thought it was time to sit down and send you an update. So, here is a picture of my boyfriend and I. He is completely different to the people I’ve been in relationships or briefly dated before - and it’s the relationship I visualized and manifested through all the work we did.

I feel more in alignment now than I can remember feeling, ever!! This is all because of Laura’s coaching and guidance. Thank you so much, Laura!”

Kate, Tasmania

Jess, UK

Since joining the program, I've had a £17k payrise and attracted the best partner who is everything I asked for. The program helped me understand my behaviour in dating and why I was drawn to incompatible men.

Emily, UK

I have healed past trauma and attracted a £13k payrise and my dream partner! Laura is fabulous, she'll be in your corner, give you direction and help you align the f*** out of your life!
It's worth every penny!

Annon, UK

I got a 30% pay increase and found a secure, committed relationship. I lerarned that my beliefs and stories run my life and how to take conscious control of them to create the results I wanted. A very good investment!
The coaching and techniques I went through with Laura have hands down been responsible for the biggest shifts I've made in the 18 years I've been doing self-work. 

We had many conversations around how I saw myself as a woman. I'd held this belief that I was very masculine, even down to my short hair and I had largely held the masculine role in relationships.
I thought I had to be strong, both physically and emotionally so that I couldn't be taken advantage of, disappointed or left.  Of course, that never worked out for me, hence my desire to find out why and do something about it. I now have a magnificent relationship with my dream man and feel safe in expressing my femininity.

Andrea, Melbourne

Bee, UK

I refer to Laura as a ray of sunshine. No matter what I'm going through, I feel I can conquer it after a session with Laura.

Sarah, UK

Coaching with Laura is the best thing you'll ever do! It helps you see things and yourself so differently and to learn to put yourself first, love yourself more deeply and reliably than the man you're upset about is loving you.  A year on I'm a different woman in all aspect of my life.

Annon, Ireland

I came to Laura sad about the loss of a dream and then met him a year later and laughed. I've now met someone who chooses to be with me every day. You're going to dream bigger and manifest so much good into your life.
Woman posing in black dress
When I joined the program, yeah I wanted to stop dating idiots but Laura's program is all about getting into alignment with yourself and I REALLY wanted that. I'd been through a tough few years and I felt lost, personally and professionally. 

One of my goalswas to design and launch my own dress collection. It had been a long term goal but I never felt I could do it. I had all these mental blocks saying it was impossible. My confidence was at rock bottom and I had no faith in myself. 
Laura helped me put myself back together, work out who I am, what I want and what small steps I needed to take to get to where I want to be.

Within the year I have launched a dress and over skirt and I am excited to work on lots more. I am happier now than I have ever been because I love, trust and respect myself.

Claudia, UK

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