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[Video] Life After Narcissistic Abuse: How to heal and come back from the jaded flat-lining feeling

Years of abuse at the hands of a master manipulator left me completely unrecognisable from the happy, ambitious, positive young woman I had been when I first met him...

Years of gas-lighting, financial control, put-downs and manipulation took their toll on my mind, body and spirit in a big way... My wings had been clipped to the point that I truly believed I would never know freedom or happiness again. I experienced health issues, depression, apathy and finally.... the jaded, flat-line that comes from having no hope or feeling at all... [video below]


The long road back to myself wasn't easy. I was at ground zero and my family and close friends were literally on the other side of the world to where I was...

With the help and support of a trusted few, I began to rebuild my life, my health, my financial stability and repair my broken wings.

My journey of healing and recovery took time, commitment, sacrifice, the support of family and friends and a willingness to do the inner work required. When I look back now, it's hard to believe that I tolerated some of the behaviour and abuse I put up with... but Narcissists are very manipulative and sneaky... they prey on empathetic individuals who have a tendency to see the best in people. In October 2019, I had the great honour of being asked to speak at the Free Online Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference, hosted by the wonderful Susan Ball.

The conference featured top experts sharing their healing resources and tips for thriving after experiencing an abusive relationship. In the interview below, Susan and I talked about how to come back from the jaded 'flat-lining' feeling and how to rebuild your life and confidence again after experiencing narcissistic abuse.

. If you know anyone who has experienced abuse or who is currently going through a difficult time, please share this post with them ❤ All of the speakers featured on the conference gave tips, tools and guidance on how to heal from abusive relationships (whether that be a romantic relationship or relationship with a friend, colleague or family member). You can purchase the conference bundle here.

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